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1963 International Trucks Advertisement

1963 International Trucks Advertisement

New Model 900 …low-cost economy pickup

New LIGHT DUTY LINE for style and performance in light hauling.

New SCOUT CAMPER offers comforts of home and goes anywhere.

New CO TILT CAB LOADSTAR maneuvers big loads faster in tight spots.

New FLEETSTAR SERIES packs more load in less length.

International steps out in 1963 with exciting new models!

With the addition of a wide range of models, the broad and balanced International line becomes an even stronger new-business builders than ever before. It includes all major types of trucks for general use, plus such newsworthy specialized vehicles as the handsome, sporty Scout Camper.

The right model for the right job. .. the most truck life for the money…service to meet every operating need…these are the advantages available to every International Truck dealer

International Harvester Company

1963 General Motors line up advertisement

1963 General Motors line up advertisement

Let’s see, did we forget anyone? If they like their driving mixed with a little excitement, there’s the full-sized Chevrolet … Chevy II gives them the same smart spirit in a smaller package…Corvair’s just right for the small car crowd. Pontiac? A glamorous new Wide-Track and this sleek new Pontiac Tempest will do it. Then there’s a full-sized sparkler of an Oldsmobile…and a veritable little gen of an Oldsmobile F-85. And for Buick fans, a gorgeous big one and that very special Buick Special. We’ll top it off with the handsomest Cadillac yet. And everybody goes for Body by Fisher. There’s something for everyone! General Motors.