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1963 Goodyear advertisement

1963 Goodyear advertisement

1915 Buick
1916 Oldsmobile
1917 Oakland
1918 Baker Electric
1919 Franklin
1920 Chevrolet

1921 Case
1922 Mercer
1923 Sterns
1924 Chandler
1925 Locomobile
1926 Cleveland

1927 Jordan
1928 Kissel
1929 Auburn
1930 Cord
1931 Durant
1932 Essex

1933 Dodge
1934 LaFayette
1935 Cadillac
1936 Terraplane
1937 Hupmobile
1938 Ford

1939 Pakard
1940 mercury
1941 Plymouth
1942 Lincoln
1943 Nash
1944 Wilys Jeep
1945 DeSoto
1946 dodge
1947 Kaiser
1948 Ford
1949 Pontiac
1950 Chrysler

1951 Nash
1952 Plymouth
1953 Mercury
1954 Chrysler
1955 Lincoln
1956 Dodge

1957 DeSoto
1958 Ford Thunderbird
1959 Rambler
1960 Valiant
1961 Wilys
1962 Falcon

Again in 1963 … as in every signle year for 48 consecutive years

More people ride on Goodyear tires than on any other kind


Source: 1963 Ward’s Automotive Yearbook

1980 Firestone All Terrain Tires

1980 Firestone All Terrain Tires

“When you break out of the weekday 9 to 5 and into the great outdoors for a weekend of relaxation, you want tires on your truck that’ll take you almost anywhere you want to go and get you back…in style.
Get a set of Firestone All Terrains.
Firestone built the first All Terrains for the sand and rocks and heat and hell of Baja, the grand-daddy of all off-road racing. What we learned at Baja about tread and traction and toughness helped prove the performance of the All Terrain Tires you’ll find at your Firestone Dealer.
Before next weekend bolt on a set of Firestone All Terrain tires, or for extra traction, All Terrain T/Cs. They’re not only tough, they’re downright good lookin’ with big, bold, raised white letters. Almost anywhere you want to go, they’ll get you in and get you out and look good doin’ it.”

Source: 1980 Mechanix Illustrated