1955 Lincoln Capri Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan. M.C. of Toast of the Town, and Julia Meade introduce New Lincoln. Monitor sets show new rear deck, new longer body, new front assembly.

Camera one! Close up! Take the new Lincoln for 1955

First you notice its unusual beauty; the dramatic new tail-lights, the sweep of the chrome, the new front end treatment, the 11 1/2 inch longer body, the lower, flowing look.
But perhaps even more exciting is the story on performance – further enhanced by new Turbo-Drive – biggest news in no-shift driving in almost 15 years. Here is no frustrating lag, no unpleasant jerk, but one unbroken sweep of silent power, from zero to superhighway speeds.
Turbo-Drive is especially designed and built to work in harmony with Lincoln’s brand new, high torque V-8 engine for 1955. But you must feel this action to believe it. You Lincoln dealer will be glad to let you drive a Lincoln or a Lincoln Capri. You’ll know you’ve made a wonderful discovery the moment that Lincoln’s wheels begin to turn.
Lincoln Division – Ford Motor Company
For modern living
for magnificent driving

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1934 Lincoln Brunn Brougham ad

Brunn Brougham
The Lincoln

Builders of the Lincoln never compromise with quality, At all times, irrespective of price trends, cost of materials and manufacture, the Lincoln is built to the highest standards of mechanical excellence… The Lincoln factory is a model of efficiency. Skilled craftsmen work unhurriedly. Rigid tests control each step of manufacture within precision limits almost unbelievably minute … The Lincoln of today provides the unsurpassed power and smoothness of the 150-horsepower, V-12 cylinder Lincoln engine. It offers new features of safety, new ease of handling, greater economy of operation, and important refinements of body design and finish that bring to owners a new appreciation of motoring comforts. … The Lincoln is today available in two wheelbase lengths, in standard and custom body types at prices that range from $3200 at Detroit.

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Courtesy of Mercury Stuff

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