1973 Kit Car MAS

Today’s Mid-Engine Car ranges in price from $2,000 to $28,500
their cars The Pantera, Ferrari, GT-40, Lamborghini, Masaratti, and the like cost up to $28,500.

The chassis and body kit for this car costs less than $2,000

Their cars feature superior handling, the last word in design, styling and engineering, quick acceleration, big top speeds and are great attention getters – and so does ours

plus with our car, you have either Ford or Chevrolet power and use readily available parts, a car that weights less and has better engine accessibility.

Today write for our brochure illustrating chassis, bodies, and completed cars. $1.00
or the complete assembly instruction manual. $5.00

MAS Racing Products
Dept. RT-23 2528 Hennepin S. Mpls., Mn. 55405
(612) 377-6701

Source: 1973 Road Test

1961 Ford Industrial Engines and Power Units ad

1961 Ford Industrial Engines and Power Units ad

“Dependable Ford Diesels..truly modern…truly economical!”

Source: 1961 Automotive Industries

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