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1963 Chrysler advertisement

1963 Chrysler advertisement

The crisp, new, custom look of Chrysler “63

Unrehearsed comments from top styling experts: “Town car excellence” … “Crisp simplicity of line” … “The formal look with a sporting flair.” We think you’ll agree with the experts. And you’ll also agree that our new Chryslers are far more than styling winners. Underhood you’ll find only V-8 engines that range from the economy of Newport (it uses regular gas) to the sports-bred 300 and the spirited luxury of the New Yorker. Again this year, your investment will not be undercut by a jr. edition – we don’t build them! And, climbing Chrysler resale value is proof of this protection. Crisp, new styling. Exciting performance. Lasting investment value. Isn’t it high time you saw your Chrysler dealer and took your beautiful step ahead?

Chrysler ’63 … a big, beautiful step ahead

Another Chrysler first! 5-year/50,000-mile warranty. Chrysler engineering leadership has resulted in an extended warranty* on the power-train of 1963 Chryslers.

* Your authorized Chrysler Dealer’s Warranty against defects in material and workmanship on 1963 cars has been expanded to include parts replacement or repair, without charge for required parts or labor, for 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, on the engine block, head and internal parts; transmission case and internal parts (excluding manual clutch); torque converter, drive shaft, universal joints (excluding dust covers), rear axle and differential, and rear wheel bearings, provided the vehicle has been serviced at reasonable intervals according to the Chrysler Certified Car Care schedule.

Source: 1963 Ward’s Automotive Yearbook


1955 Chrysler “The 100-Million Dollar Look!” Advertisement featuring a “250-hp New Yorker Deluxe St. Regis in Nugget Gold and Platinum”

The “New Yorker” was used on Chrysler vehicles from 1939 to 1996.

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