1918 Master Trucks Advertisement

1918 Master Trucks Advertisement

Master Trucks

The biggest thing we can say about Master Trucks – the one thing that ought to interest you – the dealer – who is looking for a profitable truck line – is

Master of the Load on Any Road

really tells the Master story.

Master construction in every part is bigger – stronger – than necessary.
Consequently when you sell a Master Truck you are not spending your profits in service. We want a few more good dealers who want a full line of trucks that have made good.

Master Trucks are made in the following sizes:

2 ton “M”, internal gear drive

2 ton “O”, long wheel base internal gear drive

2 ton “W”, worn drive

2 ton “WL”, long wheel base worm drive

3 1/2 ton “A”, worm drive

5 ton “B”, worm drive

6 ton Tractor “T”

Master Trucks, Inc.
3141 S. Walbash Avenue, Chicago

Source: 1918 Automotive Industries