1963 Oldsmobile advertisement

1963 Oldsmobile advertisement

Oldsmobile for 1963

New eye appeal!
New buy appeal!

Ninety-Eight Luxury Sedan

F-85 Cutlass Coupe

There’s “something extra” for everyone in a 1963 Oldsmobile! Stunning new styling! Spirited V-8 performance~ the luxury of the Ninety-Eight! The savings ways of the F-85~ The excitement of striking new sports cars! That extra measure of famous Oldsmobile reliability! Everything that will make buyers want to go Oldsmobile in 1963 … and give Oldsmobile Dealers that “Something Extra” to sell!

Oldsmobile Division – General Motors – Lansing Michigan

There’s “Something Extra” about selling an Oldsmobile!

Source: 1963 Ward’s Automotive Yearbook

1963 General Motors line up advertisement

1963 General Motors line up advertisement

Let’s see, did we forget anyone? If they like their driving mixed with a little excitement, there’s the full-sized Chevrolet … Chevy II gives them the same smart spirit in a smaller package…Corvair’s just right for the small car crowd. Pontiac? A glamorous new Wide-Track and this sleek new Pontiac Tempest will do it. Then there’s a full-sized sparkler of an Oldsmobile…and a veritable little gen of an Oldsmobile F-85. And for Buick fans, a gorgeous big one and that very special Buick Special. We’ll top it off with the handsomest Cadillac yet. And everybody goes for Body by Fisher. There’s something for everyone! General Motors.

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