1950s Mercury Sun Valley ad

How Mercury’s Sales Records Can Put Money In Your Pocket

Mercury’s growth means you save when you buy. With a 480% increase in Mercurys on the road since 1946, Mercury dealers sell more cars per dealer than their competition. This higher volume means they have lower overhead expense per car sold, can give you a better deal – even on the Sun Valley shown above.
You save when you sell – The same features that make Mercury so popular now help keep it in big demand. You can command a better price when you eventually trade. Proof? Mercury consistently leads its class forr trade-in value accordng to independant national market reports of used-car prices.
It pays to own a Mercury. Its all-new 161-hp V-8 engine is one of the most efficient in our economy-famous history. You save as you drive. And you get new ball-joint front suspension for even easier handling. Better see your Mercury dealer for a trial drive.
Mercury Division – Ford Motor Company

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1940s Mercury Eight advertisement
Thirty-five years ago, the Ford Motor Company manufactured its first automobile. The accumulated experience of all those thirty-five years now finds expression in an entirely new car, the Mercury 8 … designed to extend Ford-Lincoln standards of mechanical excellence, progressive design and outstanding value to a new price field.

The New Mercury 8
A product of the Ford Motor Company

There’s something as new as the Spring in the clean, sweeping lines of the Mercury 8. It is a wide, remarkably roomy car, but skillful design has made its bulk beautiful. – There’s extra smoothness and silence, too, as well as extra space. Soundproofing materials help to eliminate noise and vibration. Restful quiet is as much a part of Mercury comfort as are soft deep seats. – The Mercury has hydraulic brakes and a brilliant, economical new 95 horsepower V-type 8-cylinder engine. All its appointments are as modern as the new steering wheel and instrument panel shown at right.

Features of the Mercury 8

116-inch wheelbase; 16 feet, 4 inches over-all length – Unusual width and room for passengers – 95-horsepower V-type 8-cylinder engine – Hydraulic brakes – Modern flowing lines – Luxurious appointments and upholstery – Deep, soft seat construction – Thorough scientific soundproofing – Balanced weight distribution and center-poise design – Large luggage compartments.
Ford-Built means top value

Ford Motor Company…Ford, Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr and Lincoln Motor Cars

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Courtesy of Mercury Stuff

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