1963 Studebaker Advertisement

1963 Studebaker Advertisement

It’s one company that gave dealers 3 super performance 1963 models. The world-famous Avanti, R2 Super Hawk and R2 Super Lark – cars with proven superiority of Studebaker’s chassis design – equipped to withstand speeds and stresses far in excess of day-to-day requirements. Dramatic evidence was shown when Avanti topped 168 mph, Super Hawk 140 mph, and Super Lark 132 mph during certified performance and safety evaluation tests at Bonneville. Speeds almost twice as fast as you should drive. These tests helped Studebaker develop components that meet and surpass the requirements of today’s driving. All for your protection.

It’s one company that offers dealers a price spectrum from the $4000 range to America’s lowest-price V8, and Sixes even lower.

It’s one company that offers dealers the saleable safety of caliper disk brakes for all models, plus factory installed seat belts as a delete option.

It’s one company that offers dealers the unique wagon-convertible. the slide-open roof Wagonaire. It’s the world’s most useful wagon.

Want to enjoy the advantages that come from working with an independent company, which offers a world of freedom for individual action?

Studebaker Corporation

Write, call or wire collect to L. E. Minkel, Vice President of Marketing, Studebaker Corporation, South Bend 27, Indiana

Source: 1963 Ward’s Automotive Yearbook

1939 Studebaker advertisement

1939 Studebaker advertisement

Studebaker craftsmanship makes Studebaker cars easier to sell

Source: 1939 Ward’s Automotive Year Book