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1961 Ford Industrial Engines and Power Units ad

1961 Ford Industrial Engines and Power Units ad

“Dependable Ford Diesels..truly modern…truly economical!”

Source: 1961 Automotive Industries

1939 Continental Motors advertisement

1939 Continental Motors advertisement

Wherever Dependable Power is Needed You Will Find – Continental Red Seal Engines

On the farm, on the highway, on construction projects; in factory, mill, lighting plant or marine applications, the Red Seal Engine is giving dependable and economical performance. That is why Continental’s large list of customers keeps growing.

Now, a new era of transportation is opening. Aviation is coming into its own. It finds Continental taking leadership in the light aircraft engine field and expanding its activities in the higher power range.

91.4% of the aircraft engines under 75 h. p., delivered during the first nine months of 1938, were built by Continental. Its motors have scored significant victories in recent endurance and economy test flights.

Continental’s two great plants, capably equipped, provide adequate facilities for all motor applications

Continental Motors Corporation
A specialized manufacturer for a diversified market

Dependable power for trucks – tractors – buses – farm machinery – airplanes – industrial machinery – lighting plants – passenger cars.

Source: 1939 Ward’s Automotive Year book