1966 Ford Trucks Six Cylinder advertisement

1966 Ford Trucks Six Cylinder advertisement

Our new Sixes are messing up the Ford V-8 image!

For years “Ford V-8” has meant powerful performance. Smooth. Responsive.
It still does.
But today Ford pickups offer another way to get great performance. You get it in our new Sixes. Seven main bearings give them a smoothness you expect only in V-8’s . They retain the economy you look for in a Six, yet their size and power (up to 300-cu. in. and 170hp) put them squarely in the V-8 capability class.
If our new Sixes challenge the Ford V-8 image, that’s alright with us.
Who cares about cylinder count? The important thing is the pep and response and smoothness you get in an engine. And you get it with either a Ford Six or Ford V-8.

Our smoothness in engines is matched by smoothness in ride. Ford’s Twin-I-Beam suspension sees to that. Two front axles work independently to absorb road shocks. At the same time, they hold wheel alignment and reduce tire wear.

Somehow we kind of like this image.


Source: Mechanix Illustrated