1973 Lambretta Motor Scooter ad

I ride to work with Lambretta” says Peter Lind Hayes

“I take Mary Healy along, too. We never had so much fun at such low cost… 130 miles to a gallon”

Now drive this fast, convenient, economical way! Lambretta lets you cut through traffic like a breeze..parks in seconds, anywhere.

Low cost…to buy, to run, to insure 2000 miles on a $5 bill!

Fine Italian construction…high quality maneuverable, short braking. Built for European travel…to hold up indefinitely in mountain country.

Everybody’s looking at Lambrella
Italy’s great motor scooter

From $329.00

For details and free booklet write:
Innocenti Corp.
45 Columbus Avenue, N.Y.C.
In West: Ray Cotton
10252 Irma Avenue, Tujunga, Cal.
In South: Earl Morford
4900 S.W. 18th St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Dealers! Why not take your share of a new, fast-growing market? A few choice franchises available with cooperative advertising, service schools. For information, write to the above address.

Source: 1957 Car Life