1955 Lincoln Capri ad

Look at the car – and you know the man likes action
Nowadays, you can tell the man by the car he keeps.
Obviously, the car you see here belongs to a person who like to go places. And he likes to get there with a minimum of effort and a maximum of pleasure.
We had such a man in mind when the design of this 1955 Lincoln began. And we have our designers and engineers a goal that we believe has been achieve.
The ain was this: to build a fine car with action to surpass any other car – with beauty to match the tastes of Americans on the move who demand the finest.
Lincoln achieves matchless action with its new Turbo-Drive and new high torque V-8 engine. These two combine to set a new standard for fine-car performance.
Here is a new combination of utter smoothness with ultra quick acceleration. No jerk, no lag – just one unbroken sweep of power from zero to superhighway speed limits.
If you want a car with performance far ahead of its time – a car with beauty that speaks for itself and says so much about your own good taste – the new 1955 Lincoln is for you.
Prove it to yourself with a visit to your Lincoln dealer, to look at a new Lincoln Capri – and to drive one.
Lincoln Division – Ford Motor Company

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