1973 Mazda Rotary Engine ad

Another First for Mazda: A Quicker Automatic.

The rotary engine has been recognized by top automotive writers a the biggest innovation in decades.
That’s why FORTUNE Magazine called Mazda, “A car that may reshape the industry’s future”
Now Mazda has come up with the biggest development since the rotary engine: a automatic to match it.
To test this new performance pair, we pitted our car with its automatic against a couple of able competitors with their automatics at Pomona Raceway.  Results:

Standing Start 1/4 mile MAZDA VEGA PINTO
MPH 78.19 70.57 71.09
Elapsed time – Seconds 17.867 19.559 19.911

Test sanctioned by National Hot Rod Association.
What won the face for Mazda? The rotary engne? Or the new automatic?
Both. Naturally, the rotary gave us a head start. Nothing in its class can stay on the same track with it. But, we had to have the right running made, too.
One that doesn’t sap its strength. One that puts all that torque to work. One that keeps the power manageable at all times. And provides a smooth, quick, turbine-like response.
Now it’s available. Not just on test tracks, but at your Mazda dealer’s. In five models – Sport Coupes, Sedans and a Wagon.
Things will never be the same in the small-car world. Now you don’t have to be stuck with an anemic performer. Even if your wife or girlfriend insists on an automatic.
To find the Mazda dealer nearest to you, phone the toll-free number anytime. 800-447-4700. (In Illinois, 800-322-4400.) Dial as you normally dial long distance.
Mazda, Still the only rotary engine car in America.
Mazda’s rotary engine licensed by NSU-Wankel.

Source: 1973 Road Test